oh my!

how lovely.

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Because this community is BRAND NEW we are AUTOMATICALLY ACCEPTING the first 5 applicants. Woo.
This is a rating community.
Just some general rules to keep things in order.

1.If you wish to be a member, you MUST post an application (found below.)
2.Once a member, stay active. (voting/posting picutes/whatever, just let us know youre alive.) Please. If you don't, ill give you a warning, then after that... auf wiedersehen.
3.ONLY vote on other people's apps if you are a stamped member
4.Don't be too mean. Tell the blatant truth, but please don't tear anyone to shreds.
5.New applicants let us know in your subject line. Stamped members also. Simply "new" or "stamped" will do.
Well, think you're worthy?
(please use an lj cut. if you don't know how, ask somebody.)

/First Name:

/Top 5 Favorite..

/Someone you...
-Want to be
-Would bang in a second

/How do you feel about...
-Gay Marriage
-Britney Spears
-Michael Jackson
-the Red Sox


please post more than one picture.

and that's all there is to it, kids. enjoy!

if you have any questions/suggestions/whatever, just let me know. _blaueaugen i'm kristy, i'll help you out. or if you don't like me, go ahead and ask jen.. she'll help you too. artsmarterjen