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Welcome to oo_lovely!!

as you obviously figured out, this is a rating community. which is fairly self-explanitory. just check out the rules, and thats all you really need to know. i'm kristy.. if anyone has any questions/comments/anything, just let me know.

i just have one request before i post some of my own pictures..


;) thanks guys. enjoy.

/First Name: Kristy
/Sex: girl
/Location: jersey shore
/Age: seventeen.

/Top 5 Favorite..
-Movies ::fight club, the princess bride, the goonies, requiem for a dream, donnie darko
-Bands :: streetlight manifesto, the slackers, the doors, sublime, the killers
-People :: my mommy, jim morrison, ghandi, mrs maurio & mr rusher haha
-Songs ::Layla (eric clapton) Here's to Life (streetlight manifesto) Annie's Song (streetlight manifesto) Wonderful Tonight (eric clapton) Santeria (Sublime)

/Someone you...
-Admire ::my mom
-Despise ::Ashley Simpson
-Love ::all my friends
-Want to be ::myself
-Would bang in a second ::jude law!

/How do you feel about...
-Politics ::im so god damned sick of them!
-Abortion ::pro life.
-Racism ::is sick. in a bad way.
-Gay Marriage ::im not for changing the definition of marriage.
-Britney Spears ::is a whore
-Dance-Rock ::KICKS ASS. i love the faint, a lot.
-Michael Jackson ::is fuuucked up.
-the Red Sox ::SUCK! i hate you guys. im such a yankee fan.. and still so sad. a month later.

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oh jesus, remember the last one of these you made me join? lets hope this one is better lol